Saturday, September 02, 2006

Letters from the boys

I've now gotten letters from both of the boys. They both sound really good. The homesickness is leaving both of them.

Kyle has been doing more physical training, which he loves. And there have been other training exercises, something about launching ships and pulling them back into port, and other fun stuff. He just sounds very excited in his letters. It seems he has a little more free time than Greg.

Greg is doing really good. He's been very busy. He seems to be adjusting fairly well. Because he is s thin, he's been getting double rations. His only complaint about it is that he isn't getting enough bread and grains. He definitely sounds better than he did in his first letters.

Live fully....

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Jack K. said...

Good to know that they are doing well and acclimating to their new lives.

I've gotten a couple of notes from Kyle. I figure that Greg is being kept too busy to be able to write much.

It'll be interesting to see how much they change after this experience.