Tuesday, September 19, 2006

High speed

We now have high speed internet! I am so happy. Now I can get online whenever I want without having to wonder who's going to call, and I won't be booted off anymore! I am so happy!!

I'm leaving on Thursday to go to Kyle's graduation. I am so excited about seeing him graduate, and spending some time with him. He has worked very hard to get this far, and this is just the beginning. Will let everyone know how it went. Hopefully I'll have a new camera before I go so that I can take video of the ceremony. (Keeping fingers and toes crossed that child support will let the funds go before I leave.)

Live fully.....


Jack K. said...

The prayers are on the way.

Give Kyle my best. I will be thinking of him while at work.

Congratulations on high speed connection. We sure like ours.

bronxbt said...

gratz on the speedy connections-o-goodness.
now you can really surf baby! and not jes wish a dolphin would letchoo be pulled around by a fin.


give Kyle my best... that is sooo cooh.