Saturday, July 29, 2006

Life goes on

Kyle left for basic training at 5 am Friday. He just called at midnight to let me know that he made it ok, and that he needs another phone card (I got him one that didn't have very many minutes on it). He sounded tried, and confident. I cried after he left, I feel better now that I've talked to him. When I get an address for him I will e-mail anyone who will write to him what his address is.

I am finding that I need to redefine who I am. I have been a mom for so long that I'm not sure who I am as a mom with grown kids. It is going to be interesting figuring out that new definition.

Greg leaves for basic in a little more than two weeks. And, yes, I will cry after he leaves. He will not be calling once he gets there, he will only be able to write a quick note of what his address is.

I have tried to prepare myself for this eventuality, yet you can never be totally prepared.

Live fully....


shannon said...

i love you, sis.

Adrianne said...

Thanks, that helped. I love you too.

MissDaday said...

Dont worry...everything will be just fine :) *bear hugs*

Jack K. said...

If it is any consoloation, keep in mind that your primary mission was to get them ready for meeting the world.

From what I have seen of them and their sister, Talena, you have done a fantastic job.

I am doubly, nay, triply, proud to call you my daughter.

Remember, they are only out of your home. They will remain forever in your heart. Rejoice in that thought.

Love ya,


bronxbt said...

well, we all think yer pretty damned special...
the coolest thing about this journey is that now you get to realize that for yourself alllll over again!

and to think, we hardly knew ya. question is, how well do you know yourself?

Look FORWARD to it.

mr puddins & B (he beat me to the keyboard AGAIN)