Saturday, July 29, 2006

Life goes on

Kyle left for basic training at 5 am Friday. He just called at midnight to let me know that he made it ok, and that he needs another phone card (I got him one that didn't have very many minutes on it). He sounded tried, and confident. I cried after he left, I feel better now that I've talked to him. When I get an address for him I will e-mail anyone who will write to him what his address is.

I am finding that I need to redefine who I am. I have been a mom for so long that I'm not sure who I am as a mom with grown kids. It is going to be interesting figuring out that new definition.

Greg leaves for basic in a little more than two weeks. And, yes, I will cry after he leaves. He will not be calling once he gets there, he will only be able to write a quick note of what his address is.

I have tried to prepare myself for this eventuality, yet you can never be totally prepared.

Live fully....

Monday, July 24, 2006

Thunder and Lightening....

Not much rain though. I love the way the thunder rolls across the the sky. The lightening has been spreading itself across the clouds. The dogs though don't like all the noise. They are now inside away from the horrible noise.

Just had to let everyone know that we've had a slight change in the weather here. It's still over 105 during the day, but the storms are moving through the valley. Maybe we'll get more than a few drops of rain out of this storm.

Live fully...

Wednesday, July 19, 2006


Ok, now that I've got that out of my system. The worry wart mom in me is kicking into overdrive. Kyle will be leaving in a little more than a week. MY BABY IS LEAVING!!!!!! Ok, so he's taller than me, can pick me up and carry me around, and has made a very important decision about his future. He is no longer a baby, he is a young man. I am very proud of him and I support his decision of joining the Navy. I will be fine once the day of his leaving has come and gone. That doesn't mean I will stop worrying, it just means I won't be so freaked out about it.

Now that everyone has gotten a glimpse of how my mind works, I will see you all later. Just had to get it off my chest yet again.

Live fully....

Friday, July 07, 2006

A declaration of intent

I have done it! I have done a rune reading for someone other than my family. I did the reading for the lady that owns the shop Incantations. This was the bump in the road that I needed to get over before doing readings for others could begin. It is in this shop that I will be doing readings. It's a neat little shop that is conducive to doing readings.

Here is my declaration of intent: I will do readings, runes and ogham, for those that would like them. I will create bind runes for these that need them. I will do these things out of love and concern for all who ask.

If any one wants to contact me to ask questions about runes, ogham, readings, or bind runes, please contact me at my new hotmail address. I welcome all questions.

Live fully.....