Monday, September 26, 2005

This Week's Adventures

I started an online class on how to get published. So far so good. There is lot's of info, there have only been to lessons so far. Part of the lessons have you writing, in fact lesson two has you writing a letter to the editor, and sending it in. I am enjoying the class. The information for Gregory's class finally came. so now he can get started on getting the rest of the credits he needs to graduate. Kyle is going to have to do some extra classes to earn the ret of the credits he needs to graduate. I will have to call his guidance counselor and find out what he can do. Talena and Mark have found a house to rent and moved this weekend. It is a cute house.

Sorry this is so short, I have a headache and am having trouble putting my thought together. Anyway, everyone

Live fully......

Monday, September 19, 2005

Last Week

Last week was a busy week. Tuesday I had to go to the photography studio and pick out Greg's yearbook photo, also ordered other pictures. Wednesday I had to pick up my sister-in-law from the doctors, she had a test done, everything was clear, drop my step-daughter at work, it seems there was something else I just can't remember what it was. Thursday was fairly quiet, thank goodness. Friday Jerry worked a day shift, so it was very quiet arond the house, at least for the morning. Saturday I spent the day over at my freinds house. Then we went to a car cruise. No, the cars didn't cruise, they were all parked, the people all cruised around looking at the cars. There were some neat cars. we are planning on going again.

Anyway, that was my week, kind of busy, maybe next week will be more interesting. Doesn't mean busy, just different.

Live fully....

Sunday, September 11, 2005

Settled into a routine

Now that we have all settled into the routine here, life doesn't seem as hectic. The boys are getting up and out the door on time, getting homework done,and all the things that keep us on time. Kyle has been going to work with his dad on the weekends, Greg is kind of looking for work, they both need a job. I do like having a routine around here. It keeps things on an even keel and fairly quiet. It doesn't give me much to write about, that's ok though, I will find other things to write about.

One of the things that has become part of the routine is playing of Dungeons and Dragons. Yes, you have read that right, Greg is the Dungeon Master, and the rest of us have picked out our alter egos to play with. What I find interesting is that those that are fairly confident and comfortable with themselves have only one character, those that are having problems at home or aren't as confident with themselves have made several characters. I like the idea of these role playing games, I get to see how these kids really think, what their personality is, what they think of themselves. The ones that have low self esteem have a tendency to pick on those that seem more confident in themselves. Because I play with them I find that they open up to me more than they do their own parents, in a way I like it, it gives me a chance to explain why their parents do the things they do, and give an opinion that they hadn't thought about before. It also makes me kind of sad that they can't be as open with their parents as they are with me, and I do get their respect. This should actually go on the other blog of Serve Well, you can get there through the link on the sidebar.

That's it for now, will write again soon. Until then...

Live Fully.....

Saturday, September 03, 2005

More Truck Saga

Kyle's truck is finally done for, the brakes are gone. He went to get an estimate on getting them fixed, thinking that maybe it would only be a couple hundred at the most, he came home with an estimate of a thousand dollars and that's just a beginning. We all knew that their dad had used old parts when fixing up the trucks, I didn't realize that he had neglected the brakes on Kyle's truck. He is going to save his money so that he can replace the head on the ranger as soon as he can. Greg is going to work to replace the engine in the '62 Ford E100 van that we have. Their dad would have been better off using the money to fix the vehicles that we had than to fix trucks that he had. Especially since those trucks were already on their last wheels before he decided that they would be good enough for the boys. At least the two vehicles we have will run good once fixed, only because some parts were never meant to be replaced with used parts. Greg sold his truck already for only one hundred dollars, I'm not sure what Kyle will be able to get for his truck. Michael should be the one to pay to get these vehicles working, the boys worked for him for a year to get the trucks that he had for them running. Of which, neither ran for the length of time that each put into them. Of course I don't think he will pay to have the ranger and the van fixed. Kyle was going to work with his dad this weekend so that he could earn money to fix the ranger, getting there is now a bit of a problem. Everything happens for a reason.

Greg needs one more credit to graduate this year, above what classes he is already taking. BYU has independent learning, including high school credits, so I've signed him up for a couple of courses. One is an art course the other is a photo shop course. Both of which should help him in getting closer to his chosen goal of being a maker of games, videos, and other animated stuff.

Kyle had his year book pictures taken this week, I am anxious to see what it looks like. The pictures that I will be sending of him will be the ones he gets from ROTC this year. He looks so good in his uniform. This year is going to go so fast. I know that the boys are looking forward to getting out of high school and going on with their plans for adulthood. It will go by to fast for me, my little boys are growing up.

That's it for this week, hope the next week will find everyone in good spirits.

Live fully....