Saturday, August 20, 2005

First week of school

What a week this has been. Both of the boys seem to like school. Greg has managed to arrange his schedule so that he has half days. Now he just needs to get a job. As for his truck, that is going to require a lot of fixing so he is going to get rid of this truck and fix up the old van that we have. I know it sounds strange but there is less to fix on the van to get it running, it needs an engine, than to keep buying parts for the truck that his dad fixed for him. Kyle has meetings with his recruiter every other week, it's supposed to help keep him on track with homework and graduation. He is doing everything that they have asked him to do, which is a very good thing. His truck will eventually fall apart, he described the way their dad fixed the trucks as Greg's being fixed with glue and his being fixed with super-glue. Yes we do have a truck that needs some fixing, I believe it is just replacing the head, anyway it will be a better vehicle for him. If their dad has just been patient he could have paid for the parts needed in the vehicles that we had and it would have been better for the boys. They still need to find jobs to pay for insurance and gas.

I have been writing in my journal on an almost daily basis, and it is getting easier to meet the word count that I am trying for. Jerry put a new operating system on the desk top in our room, I am still trying to find my files for my book. The computer now has two desk tops which it never had before, I'm thinking that I will have to go through his desk top to find all my files. This is very frustrating as I had been writing chapter nine and hadn't finished it yet so it hadn't been published to its blog yet. If I can't find it I will have to try to rewrite it. Oh well, everything happens for a reason. I'm sure that I will find the files, I just haven't tried to hard yet. I have been feeling very creative lately, and not just in writing, I have been doing a lot of crocheting and coming up with my own ideas on modifying patterns. I credit, at least in part, with my journal writing, it seems to have opened up the gates to the creative process. I learned a new stitch in crochet and have started a poncho for myself, and have had the idea of using this stitch to make smaller ponchos for Gynesis and Lavieya. I am so excited about starting them, I have to get measurements first though so that they will at least fit them.

I know that this rambles a bit, ok more than a bit, but this is the way my mind is working. That is a scary thought. Anyway, the more I write the better this and my stories will get, so please bear with me.

Now I need to get on my soapbox for a bit and put in my two cents on regulating of game content. Now I will agree that there is content that children of various ages should not see, whether it is in games, tv or movies, that is why there is a rating system. The ratings give us a guide line as to what the content of the movie or tv show, that way if there is something that we don't want our children to watch we can either not take to the movie or block it on the tv. There are ratings for games as well, if the rating is mature, then the content isn't meant for anyone under the age of eighteen, if parents don'e want their kids to have these games then they shouldn't buy them for the kids. And yes stores are not supposed to sell games to kids that have the mature rating on them. If we don't want our kids to be exposed to the content in the games then we as parents shouldn't bring it into our homes, we should also make any one that would buy games for our kids understand that we don't want mature rated games for our kids. Parents have a responsibility to their kids, what they see, what they hear, what they say. Do we really need a government control to do what we should be doing already?

Ok, so now I'm off my soapbox. I hope that this week has treated all of you well.

Live well...

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Jack K. said...

If you need them I have the first eight chapters on my computer. I will gladly send them to you. They are the edited versions. Just let me know.

I heartily agree with your "soapbox oration". For some parents it seems to be easier to let the kids get the games by themselves than exercise parental guidance. Some parents seem to want to be friends and not parents. It doesn't work that way. It isn't until the children reach the age of majority and a little bit more than we parents can approach the friendship realm.
By then it is more meaningful. So much for my "soapbox oration".

I am glad that we can maintain a friendship as well as a kinship.



Serve well.