Friday, February 24, 2006

Tag, Your It!

My dad started this on his blog, Life In Lansing, KS (I figured out how to do links! Yay!) So now that you have come here to read this list, it is now your turn to do your list.

4 Things I need every morning:
1. Glass of water
2. Warm robe (You wouldn't think I need one in AZ, but I do)
3. News
4. Jerry sleeping still

4 Things that turn me off:
1. People who don't listen to others opinions
2. Cigarette smoke
3. Inconsiderate snobs
4. Anyone who doesn't take responsibility for their own actions

4 Things I believe in:
1. Love at first site
2. A creator
3. The strength of family
4. Spirits, ghosts, angels, and guardian spirits

4 Things I am afraid of:
1. Growing old alone
2. Losing my memory
3. Egomaniacal politicians
4. Being taken for granted

4 Things I do everyday:
1. Read email, blogs
2. Watch way to much TV (It's on even when it's not being watched)
3. Crochet
4. Read books

4 Things I want to have/do:
1. Live until I'm 104
2. A complete understanding of my abilities (Psychic, metaphysical, paranormal, whatever you want to call them)
3. Respect and acceptance
4. Travel

4 People I want to see:
1. George W. Bush
2. Sylvia Brown
3. Condeleeza Rice
4. Stephen King

4 Numbers that rule my life:
1. 7
2. 104
3. 3
4. 6

4 favorite colors:
1. Deep purple
2. Navy blue
3. Magenta
4. Silver

4 People to do list:
I'm not sure what is meant by this category, so I'm leaving it blank until I know what is to be put here.

So this is my list of fours, when you have made your list, either post it on your own blog and let me know where to find it, or post the list in the comment section under this post.

Live fully....

Thursday, February 23, 2006

Nothing Unusual

There hasn't been anything unusual happening around here, which is a good thing. Everyone is busy with school, and work. It looks like Maggie will be off probation (or is it parole? I an never keep it straight) by the end of April. Yay! She has been doing so good. Kyle's Drill Team has been doing good. He's on the junior varsity team, this last week they didn't get a trophy, the varsity team did walk away with the most trophies though. Greg has been exercising every night, running a couple of times a week, his recruiters are giving him a hard time about losing weight, all he's losing is what little flab he had and turning it into muscle.

I had a telephone survey group call the other night, I like giving my opinion especially when someone is asking me for it, the survey was about fast food restaurant's. One question was, what is your favorite fast food place? I answered Fazoli's. There was a pause on the line, I don't think it was on her list of possible answers, I love Fazoli's. Then she went on about other fast food places, which were all burger places. It got me to thinking, we have been to a lot of fast food places, thanks to Maggie, none of them have been burger places though. They have been Chinese, subs, Italian and the like. All of them good, all of them fairly good for you.

Live fully....

Saturday, February 11, 2006

Quiet Observations

As Greg and Kyle get ready to go to basic training, their friends are not handling their transformation well at all. With all of them being boys, they have been well programmed not to show their emotions, the friends have started doing dumb things. I'm not sure exactly what they are doing, all I know is that both Greg and Kyle are finding them annoying. To be fair, not all of their friends are acting strange, just some of them. When they told me which ones were acting up, I realized it's the ones that don't have a goal, or a plan for their future. It seems they didn't think that anything was going to change and now that it is they don't know how to handle the inevitability of time and change. I can only hope that these boys' will find their way, both Greg and Kyle are good models of setting a goal, and finding a way of achieving that goal.

I haven't set a date for their party yet, still working out which weekend will work best. So far it looks like it will be towards the end of June. Will keep everyone posted as to when it will happen in enough time to make plans for those that can make it.

Live fully....

Sunday, February 05, 2006

Yay Kyle!

Kyle had his first Drill Team Meet on Saturday. His team got first prize! Hip, Hip, Hooray!!!

Live fully...