Thursday, February 23, 2006

Nothing Unusual

There hasn't been anything unusual happening around here, which is a good thing. Everyone is busy with school, and work. It looks like Maggie will be off probation (or is it parole? I an never keep it straight) by the end of April. Yay! She has been doing so good. Kyle's Drill Team has been doing good. He's on the junior varsity team, this last week they didn't get a trophy, the varsity team did walk away with the most trophies though. Greg has been exercising every night, running a couple of times a week, his recruiters are giving him a hard time about losing weight, all he's losing is what little flab he had and turning it into muscle.

I had a telephone survey group call the other night, I like giving my opinion especially when someone is asking me for it, the survey was about fast food restaurant's. One question was, what is your favorite fast food place? I answered Fazoli's. There was a pause on the line, I don't think it was on her list of possible answers, I love Fazoli's. Then she went on about other fast food places, which were all burger places. It got me to thinking, we have been to a lot of fast food places, thanks to Maggie, none of them have been burger places though. They have been Chinese, subs, Italian and the like. All of them good, all of them fairly good for you.

Live fully....


Jack K. said...

It must be probation. For it to be parole she would have to have done jail time. I don't remember that she had.

I like to answer polls too, sometimes. Lately I have been getting calls from the group that believes traditional marriage is being threatened by same-sex unions. I wouldn't mind answering their poll, but you have to have them send it in the mail.

Oh well! They probably wouldn't like my answers anyway.



Jack K. said...

I just checked out your flickr site. You do beautiful work.

Adrianne said...

Thank you. I really enjoy it.