Saturday, March 25, 2006

A neat new shop

This is a neat little shop that I've finally been able to get into. I've gone at the wrong times, and also they were closed for remodeling. It is a cute little place for those who are looking for different ways to find their own spirituality. I talked to the shop keeper for a couple of hours. It's the first time I've gone into a shop like this and felt like I was at home. I might even do a few readings in the future ( for those that don't know or remember I read runes and ogam sticks), I may even do a few crocheted bags, and who knows what else I might be able to do there. I am very excited about this opportunity. I had hoped for awhile that something like this would present itself, and now it has. I will have to be patient and let this work out in the time it is supposed too.

Live fully....

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shannon said...

Sis that's great! How wonderful.