Tuesday, May 04, 2010

New Immagration Law

What follows is my own opinion. Agree or disagree, that's up to you. All I ask is that you read with an open mind. If you do disagree with my opinion, please tell my your opinion is right, telling me why I'm wrong serves no purpose. If you want to change someones mind, give them your best argument for your way of thinking.


Now I'm not against anyone wanting a better life. Everyone who wants to have a better life, make more money, support their families, get away from political problems, what ever the hardship they face they deserve to improve their life's circumstance and that of their family. If they feel that moving will help, then they should move. Yet when moving from one country to another there are rules that need to be obeyed.

America is not the first country to have laws governing the immigrants coming into the country. Ellis Island being the first major port of entry to check that all coming to America had the correct paperwork and were signed in to the country. The law that Arizona put into place enforces the laws that are already on the books at the federal level.

As Americans when we want to go into Mexico or Canada there are certain procedures that we must go through. Showing our drivers license, our passports or whatever is needed to cross legally. If we do not have the proper paperwork we would not be allowed into the country. If were to cross at a point where there were no crossing checkpoints then were caught by the police of the other country, what do you think would happen? Would we be told that it's OK to stay in the country or would we be jailed then deported?

The reforms that are needed for the disenfranchised of Mexico need to happen with the Mexican courts and laws. Making it easier for those that want to come into America to work, live, and prosper. When they are here legally, then they are paying taxes that pay into Social Security, and other benefits that as citizens we all pay into so that we can use them when we need to.