Thursday, August 21, 2008

A long overdue update

I know it has been quite some time since I have updated everyone on what is going on in my life. It has been rather busy here.

Jerry's brother Chris passed away last month. We all knew that it was coming, he's had heart problems since he was in his twenties. It was still hard. Jerry's Mom and older sister came down from Washington and stayed for a week. The memorial service was wonderful. A lot of family and friends were there to pay their respects. The funeral service was very nice and very simple.

I have taken the opportunity to make money with my crochet. I am making small draw string purses, and there is a little shop that is willing to sell them. I have a couple of friends that set up booths at craft shows that are willing to have them on their tables as well. So I have been very busy making draw string purses.

Gregory is now in Iraq and will be there until March maybe April. I am very grateful that the work he does is fixing computers, printers, and phone systems. He works in a shop where the equipment is brought to him. He won't directly be in harm's way. About the time that Greg gets back Kyle will be going to Iraq. Because Kyle is a CB, the area he will be in will at least be less likely to have fighting.

Talena has been scheduled to have her baby on the 20th of October. She has started to home school Gynesis, Lavieya is picking things up too, even though she isn't really ready for school.

I now that more has been going on, I just can't remember it all. That's just another reason why I should post more often.

Anyway, Live fully.....