Thursday, September 03, 2009

Another long awaited posting

School has been keeping me busy. I am taking an online Nutrition course, and one of the things that I have to do for class is write in a blog, here is where to find it if you are so inclined: Nutrition 1.

Kyle is back from Afghanistan. He is glad to be back, and I'm ecstatic that he is back. He is on leave right now and goes back to his home port on the 9th.

Greg won't be deployed to Afghanistan until March or April of next year. It will be nice to have both boys home for the holidays.

My sister sent me the Artists Way workbook, and while I'm taking my own sweet time at doing the exercises in the workbook I am doing the first thing that the author suggests, which is to writ every morning three pages of the random stuff that is going through your mind. Things that you would like to accomplish, any worries you may have, any questions that are running around, just anything because no one is going to read it, not even you. It does open the mind for the creative side that I thought was stuck. I am again this year taking the NaNoWriMo challenge, and because of writing these morning pages I have an idea for a story, and an idea for what the main character is like. Thanks to my sister who was right in thinking that this workbook could help me.